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    The Souk is a strong supporter of women empowerment initiatives in Tunisia & abroad. Empowering the women means empowering the nation. 
    Some initiatives we support include AATIK. Aatik works with a group of female weavers in the region of Siliana in North-west Tunisia. The goal is to help these women to build up their own cooperative structure and gain better access to commercial opportunities on a fair-trade basis without the need of an intermediary.
    We also support DARZAH
    Darzah is a collection of fair trade, Palestinian "tatreez" embroidered products, hand-stitched by talented women artists in the West Bank. Their mission is to create economic opportunities for refugee and low-income communities and to connect women around the world through the story of tatreez embroidery. 
    Your Souk purchase helps to support these organizations and the women artisans directly. Not only are you taking home a fantastic handmade product, but you are supporting a cause that fights for the empowerment of women & fair trade.